It’s Brag about your pet day.


It’s brag about your Pet day! What the pet news? This picture is of Pako. I took my gardening shoes off for just a few moments, I turned around to put my shoes back on. Hey, what happened to my shoe? Where did it go? Navar says” you have a cat in your shoe”! As I was taking pictures Pako was working the camera. He’s so cute, he’s a bit of a poser. Whats new in your pets world? Do tell.


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  1. I can’t even brag about my little Maddie cat. I adore her. I’ve raised her since her eyes were barely open. I fed her with a bottle and she really isn’t like an animal to me.

  2. I better brag about the other two pets no favorites in this house! Makwa our dog has been smiling a lot lately. We have been going on walks every day. With my back hurting I figure it’s a good thing for both of us. I use to walk her in the afternoon. But funny she’s been coming to me in the morning saying come on Lets go! I think it’s cooler temp. for her. Funny how smart dogs are all we have to do is Listen. She’s also been visiting one of her friends a lot, at one of our neighbors my friend as well a little Boston terrier. It took a long time for Makwa to trust her and feel comfortable with Lady bug. Makwa’s slow to make friends. It’s nice she’s finally relaxing and playing with her, it took a long time. Alex our other cat is doing well, although he sleeps a lot. We are adjusting to life with a kitty with a kidney dysfunction. Giving him an IV every other day. We had the Vet give us a smaller needle so it is not such a stressful and traumatic event for all involved. Some day I should post a picture of the needle we use to use for him. It really was giant! For some reason they thought we would prefer it because it gets the job done faster. Heck no! A little extra time no problem.

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