Mountain Snow Melting


Last night we went to this little school-house to watch an 8th grade school play of Romeo and Juliet. The costumes were really amazing the dresses the girls wore were beautiful. They did an interesting thing at the beginning of the play they said who’s ever wearing the tiara crown is Juliet so the burden wasn’t on just one student to remember a trillion lines. Also between scenes the teacher came out and did an explanation of the scene coming up in plain English. I thought that was a great idea. When you were going to school as a wee fry did you play any parts in plays?


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  1. What beautiful scenery and I just LOVE that building. What a great way to do a play. I’m not sure about sharing the parts just because if you’re going into acting, you need to learn to learn lines. You know? Of course if it’s just for fun that that’s awesome but I love how they explained this “in English.” I would love that because sometimes if you aren’t understanding something, it appears boring to you and it’s really not boring at all. It’s just the wording we don’t understand. I feel a lot more people would enjoy the arts if they understood the language of the time period.

    That’s funny Joy, when I was out and about I thought about saying it was explained in “English” and I thought well Shakespeare is in English. LOL It did seem to follow along better with the interrupter. I thought the building itself was so unique, and with the sun setting afterwards it made for a nice drive home, with the alpine glow on the mountains.

  2. Cute Daughter did Juliet’s Soliloquy as a solo spot in High School and used it again to audition for the Drama Club at University. English accent included.

    I did NOT do any plays at school and have only done one in community theatre. I was more of a singer.

    That photo is so amazing! Awesome in the Biblical sense.

    Thanks I thought is was a really unique little school. What a view those kids have giant mountains in the background.

  3. A lot of time and talent are put into these productions. I do not know if all people truly appreciate that. I love acting. Any chance I can, I ham it up. lol 🙂

    Doing plays sure does require lots and lots of time and energy. Navar does a little acting from time to time. He is a wonderful Actor.

  4. I was never in any school plays because I was too dumb to remember any lines. Except once I was a shepherd in a nativity play but the shepherds never had to say anything just stand there like dumb mutes, I could do that. Mum still has the photo somewhere, I will have to get it to post one day

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