The New Dork.


I feel a bit like the old Dork. The other day I was carrying my new lap top in its original cardboard box. Going into a restaurant. Feeling like a geek and not the mega Ubber cool smart geek but the original, long ago geek. Why are you carrying your lap top that way, geek? When I twitter its usually something like, I’m eating breakfast now. Who cares I barely care. I don’t make money on social net working. I appreciate it’s potential. I have noticed that navigating the Web seems easier and easier. It just seems to make sense looking stuff up on line. What are your thoughts about Social Media in general.


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  1. Wow, my post today is about “types” and “social labels!” We are on the same wave-length today!

    I have a family Facebook to keep up with Cute Daughter and friends. I’ve not been Twittering lately but like it. When Art Major was in Japan we used Skype. Sounds like I use social media a lot but I
    really don’t.

    Let see Skype, twitter, blogging and facebook Naaa your right LOL that’s not much social media.;+)
    I went over to your blog and your right we are on the same page today! Funny great minds think a like. It is great minds right?

  2. Is blogging social media?? If so, I love blogging and I love everyone I’ve met blogging. I used to Twitter but found I just got very bored with it after a while. I love Facebook because I find it more interactive because you can either chat or chat in your status. I can keep up with people. It’s wonderful for people who don’t live close and relatives that you may otherwise not talk to at all. Back in the day of stamp and stationary, I didn’t stay in touch with any of my cousins except one and two uncles and now I talk to all 13 plus old neighbors, high school friends and people I’ve met in my adult life. I love FB. Also, most of our blogging family are with us on FB so we see each others photos of our real lives. I think it’s fun.

    Yes Blogging is considered social media.;+) Facebook sounds like a good thing that’s amazing that you are keeping in touch with your cousins, very cool. Maybe some day I will explore facebook. Funny I can be a little slow on some things. I like that back in the stamp and stationary day, that’s a nice way of saying that. I got a little thank you card in the mail today. We helped some family move awhile back, nice that they sent a little note. I miss the note and letter days.

  3. You DO know the whole saying, right?

    “Great minds think alike. Fools seldom differ.”

    We must fall into the first category, yeah? We MUST!

    LOL I did not know the whole saying! WOW that’s hysterical! Yes I agree the first category.;+)

  4. I do what I can with what I have when I have the time to relax and de stress. I do not like to get tooo addicted to anything…except dark chocolate. lol 🙂 The guy needs to see a groomer and hairstylist. lol 🙂 Happy weekend.

    LOL A bit of wild hair ;+) Chocolate that sounds good about now! Sad I don’t think I have any chocolate at home. shoot. ;+( oh well such is Life.)

    Right after I wrote this comment I went to my purse to get my phone to call Navar. Guess what I found a small foil packet of dark chocolate. I forgot recently I put a couple of those away for a rainy day. Looks like it’s raining. What a fun Surprise!

    • Did you see my story about the Grizzly Bear? If you type You wont believe what I saw yesterday! into my Blog search it should pop up. Hey I just answered my own question. :+)

  5. I was on Facebook for a while but it was just one of those sites that for somereason annoys the hell outta me so I deactivated. They won’t let you delete. If I can’t find a way to delete it nobody can.
    I have a twitter account but can’t really see the point of it. I kept getting emails saying I had new followers but they were all links to porn sites. You just can’t escape the spam anywhere.
    I don’t want to be a social networker, just a blogger. Social networking sounds too business like & a bit geeky. I’m just a regular bloke who doesn’t need fancy labels.

    • No Deleting on Face book oh the pain the pain!!! ;+) Actually not being on Face book that would be a down side for me there is something comforting that you can wave a wand IF you wanted and poof. I think Social media is really just a word that encompasses most of the stuff that we already are into. The money thing is just the way they put the spin on this video.

        • After watching this video looks like I made the right choice. Believe it or not I’m pretty slow to friendship. The whole befriending and defriending would probably drive me nuts. The farming game looks fun, but Ive done so much real gardening that it might not make sense to me, to do farming as a game. So for now I’ll stick to blogging. ;+) and an occasional twitter outburst.

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