What’s your favortie restaurant or restaurants?


Thinking of Chris Tea Cottage yesterday got me to thinking about restaurants in general. Blogging often seem to be that way for me I get to thinking about one thing and then I get on that thought for days. Sometimes it branches to other similar thoughts. Does that happen to you when you do a certain Blog post? Feel free to leave a Website link to your favorite restaurant. It can be anywhere on our wonderful globe as long as they have a Website. Fancy or not fancy just a place that you really enjoy eating out at.


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  1. I use to love going to this restaurant in Carmel California called Casanovas. I usually really like places where the attention to all the details are covered. I was talking with Doraz yesterday about restaurants the ones that make you feel like you are in another part of the world. I use to feel this way at this restaurant sitting outside enjoying the outdoor patio, listening to the music, so much fun.

  2. We really like Mongos. http://www.mongosgrill.com/index.php It’s a place where you fill a bowl, buffet style and you take it to a round HUGE wok type thing and they cook it for you. It’s delicious.

    We also really like The Waterfront. http://waterfrontlakesidegrille.com/ Jason proposed to Nikki in the restaurant and my whole family came. It’s beautiful here. The whole east wall is windows and faces a big lake and we also dock our boat here.

    Finally, The Triple R is a place we eat most Friday’s. http://triplergrillandbar.com/ It’s very casual but the menu has everything from prime rib and fine dining to burgers and bar food. I love going on Friday nights and ending the week with a strawberry daiquiri.

  3. My favouritest of all time, not including Burger King (Hungry Jack’s here in Australia) is Hogs Breath Cafe, we went there last weekend & I took photos so I will have a ost coming u soon about it. The meals are HUUUUGE & the food is awesome!!!! There is nothing better in Australia than Hog’s Breath

  4. Thank You Everyone for Leaving restaurant Links! ;+) I had lots of fun checking them out! I feel like I went out to eat.;+) So much fun looking at all the restaurants. WOW so much really amazing food! Looks so yummy! Thanks for the Links. ;+)

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