Brownies, Girl scouts, Blue Birds, Cub scouts, Boy scouts, and Webelo (is that one?)


Question: When you were a small child did you belong to any of these organizations? I was a brownie and a girl scout but I think secretly wanted to be a Blue bird. I knew nothing about the blue bird organization. I just really liked the outfit. At the time I really wasn’t into brown, as I have aged I am seeing the usefulness of earth tones. I suppose there are other organizations I might have left out. I just looked up Webelo it is a scouting patch amazing the kinds of things you remember, like the word webelo’s. My brother was a scout my father use to call him a boy sprout, he must have received his webalo patch. There you have it.


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  1. I was a brownie and girl scout too. Just the brownie uni was brown. The girl scout was green and I was in it until cadets but I don’t remember that uni. I love the blue bird outfit too Starla. I sooooo wanted to be a blue bird until I got my girl scout uni and then I liked it.

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