Mama Bear, Björk, is trying to shake a baby bear from a tree in Bärenpark Bern


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  1. Hello Starla,

    I know this was posted a while ago, but I just found it while looking through your older blog posts. I absolutely love this! It just goes to show that all of God’s creatures are alike. Kids are naughty and trying. Moms are determined. I could feel that mama bear’s frustration, and I know she’s cussing up a storm! And at the end, bet it was running more from her than it was from the tree snapping 🙂

    Anyhow, love your stuff.


    • Thanks! I thought this video was super cute as well! Glad you like it. It is amazing how you can really feel the emotions of the Mama Bear and feel her frustrations. Funny but true kids can definitely be trying at times.

      Don’t go too far back in the blog the punctuation and sentence structure gets worse and worse as you go back. Navar told me to leave it so I could see me progress. It’s a bit horrifying as I am learning as I go. I know you blog at Joy’s at “Us Girls” but do you have your own blog as well?

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