First the Norway Spiral now a Spiral seen in Canada. Things that make you go Hmmmm?


I’m not sure if it’s crickets in the background, you might want to turn the volume on low.
This spiral was seen in the skies of Western Canada. WOW! What the heck? First Norway now Canada, things that make you go HM-mm on a Monday. The video ends about half way through right after seeing the spiral. Some say UFO, well I suppose it is an UN identified object not so sure what.


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    • LOL ;+) Somebody watching you. I may have to go look for that song now. This is what I found as I was looking for the music video. This really could be a separate post. Who’s watching who? These day’s with cameras everywhere you almost have to assume that someone could be watching you. Kind of strange times that we live in. Also the someone who’s watching could post a video on you tube and then more people are watching. Hmm kind of a hundredth monkey kind of thing. I know you were thinking more of the alien type of watchers Doraz. Lots of food for thought or maybe it’s just too much coffee.;+)

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