Looks like the plot thickens! Spiral could be a Hoax!


Well so much for breaking news! I’m still wondering Norway Canada tilting my head. Well well well looks like we have a hoaxer in town. He asked the question” Who’s more gullible Americans or Europeans”. That sucks, so does that mean the Norway Spiral was a similar hoax? Or is it oh too much thinking for a Monday. I need more coffee, then I’ll ponder this whole thing. I apologize for it turning out to be a hoax. But like life, in general one thought always seem to lead to another. My guess this will be something similar, to where it leads to at this point I am not really sure. Stay tuned it could get even more bazaar.


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    • I agree Lviss I think that is true all countries are equally gullible. I think that it is also true wouldn’t it be interesting to see something out of this world in the sky. Something that was amazing but also honest and true. Only time will tell on that one.

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