Magic poop collector


I was wondering the other day if people would actually us this invention. We were at the Vet yesterday with Makwa taking to the Dr. about her gaining weight because of the medication she’s been taking. She also has a strange bump, I said maybe it’s an Alien chip, they didn’t seem to bat an eye on the one. I noticed one of the Vet techs trying to get a poop sample from a very tiny black poodle. They were going around the yard she was armed with a soup ladle and I thought about this video and thought you know that invention would really be handy about now. They never did get the sample the dog kept looking back with a look like what’s the huge soup ladle doing following?


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  1. i cant figure out if i like this idea or not. i guess it could have a place but i’m not sure where. i guess it’s not aligned right it could be an issue… i’m glad i saw it anyway. thanks.

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