Thank You for visiting my Blog!


I wanted to give you the readers of this Blog a little shout out of Appreciation! Thank You for stopping by, I really appreciate the company. It’s as if you are visiting my world, and I feel as if I have friends in several parts of the globe, how nice. I’m grateful that you come by. I really appreciate those of you that comment. Comments and feedback and interaction really make blogging fun! I also appreciate the Lookie Lou’s and the peek a boo’s the ones who come by in a whoosh and are gone with out a word. I see you! :+) Thank You as well. Maybe someday you will also jump in, really the waters fine, and I promise not to bite. I took this picture of this sign at the cherry Blossom Festival it’s an old sign and has been probably hanging on their wall a very long time.


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  1. What a cool sign. You are a cool friend. 🙂 I love coming over to your place. You always make me smile. You are always leaving such nice comments on my blog also. I really appreciate you and your support. Have fun today. Coffee on? lol 🙂 Hi to Navar.

    Thanks Doraz The feelings mutal Doraz! We have had a lot of fun over at each others blogs. Funny how time is flying by as well. Coffees on and snacks are out on the kitchen table! :+)

  2. Yeah, you’ve got a nice place here. Got any more Smirnoff’s?

    That was Fun! I was driving down the street the other day windows rolled down music blaring and I was thinking darn I don’t want to wait for a whole year to have another party. I don’t think I fully got it out of my system. ;+)

  3. I have changed to this template too but It took a while to workout where my widgets all went to. Found them in the inactive widget section

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