What movie are you wanting to see next? Anything on you movie list? Have you seen any good movies lately? Are you a popcorn and soda person or a candy from a shake shake box.


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  1. I have been watching a lot of movies lately. I can’t go outside most days because of my lungs so I’ve been popping in a movie at one or so in the afternoon. The newest releases I’ve seen are It’s Complicated. I loved it so much and laughed so hard that I’ve watched it three times. I’ve seen The Blind Side and I have NINE sitting here to watch. I do like popcorn but I usually knit or read while I watch movies. I know, reading sounds strange but I enjoy doing that. I’ve also started watching old movies but I won’t bore you with all of those.

    Guess what I don’t think reading and watching movies is weird at all and have done it myself. I can be a bit of a multi tasker depending on the mood. It’s complicated sounds good. It’s so much fun when you find a movie that you really like and want to watch over and over.;+)

  2. We do not go to the movies much. We would rather watch the new rentals every week at our place. We have one of those projectors and a BIG movie screen. It is like being at the movies. I can get up and do what I need, and we can just hit pause. Sooo much better ,,, in my opinion. We do go to the movies..for special events. 🙂 I eat everything there! 🙂

    Well shoot movies at your place tonight! ;+) Big screen sure are nice. We watch a lot of movies at home we have had netflixs for awhile and that’s really nice it’s so handy and easy to just pop the DVD back in the mail. I like the 3d movies at the theater. Actually, I guess I’ve only seen one 3D movie in the theater. I heard Shrek 3 is out 3D I may check that out.

  3. We may go see Prince of Persia . I loved <The Boat that Rocked! (aka Pirate Radio). Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) was fun and Iron Man 2 was quite good.

  4. We went & saw Letters to Juliet last weekend, really great story. There was one advertised on TV last night I wanted to see but I’ve forgotten what is was now Doh!!!

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