Looks like we cuss more then we thought!


Because of Navar’s new career choice, soon to be a middle school teacher. We have been working on being aware of our bad language. That’s why I have been watching my “words” while I am blogging. The other day I noticed Navar was cussing up a storm. I thought Holy shit, if he keeps cussing like that he’ll be fired in heart beat. What are we going to do? I got out a piece of paper and said that I would charge him for every cuss word. $1.00 for the F word and .25 for the S word and .25 for the D word. I figured I would make some extra money for those expensive Summer sandals that I’ve been wanting. Well, we were going at a pretty good clip, I was having so much fun saying, hey that’s a F word and running over to the fridge to write it down. I was really racking up the dough. Well, the Bastard changed the rules on my Ass and he said “Two can play this game!” He started to charge me! When I would cuss, he would go over and cross out one of the words and the amount. Sigh, so much for those cute little sandals. We were laughing about it this morning, and he said” I didn’t know you cussed so much.” I said” I didn’t either”. Funny when you start keeping track it’s a bit of an eye opener. Hopefully we will pull ourselves together in time. He starts student teaching this Fall and after that he will be looking for a job having his own class. Seems like just yesterday he was getting laid off. It’s so amazing that in the down turn things can turn around for the good. It can be a bit tortuous, letting go of the old ways and life and trying to find a new way of fitting in. I’m still working on my part, there does seem to be a little light at the end of the tunnel.


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  1. How true it is. I guess it also depends on what you count as a swear word too. If it’s shit or damn, then yes, I use them. But I don’t use any of them in front of the grand kids. EVER. I do use the F word if it’s just Paul and I shooting the breeze playing Wii bowling at night. I figure we’re old enough to handle it. LOL!!! I should start a chart too. I remember years ago when we had the family cabin and shared it with Paul’s 4 siblings. We had a can we used for this. It was called the cuss can and it used to buy us all dinner in the fall when we shut the cabin down for winter.

    • That’s a good idea the cuss can. It’s amazing how fast the cussing can rack up the funds. Dinner out, that’s a good idea. I was feeling bad about saying Bastard in reference to Navar, the love of my life. I was coming back to change it but it was hard to come up with another cuss word that would fit. I guess a good example about cussing when you break it down and think about it. I think it’s true to that cussing around your mate or person you feel safe with. It’s a bit like letting your hair down and feels kind of good letting a few words fly, especially like you said being aware around the grand kids. Or soon to be for us kids in school.

  2. Navar will do what he needs to do to make things work out. Kids are not stupid these days. Teachers are very good at working with kids to adapt to their environment. Things will be fine. If a person needs to say something…whatever…I think they should just say it..as long as it is not hurtful to others. 🙂

    I agree ;=) it is a good thing to say whats on your mind and to be honest like you said …as long as it is not hurtful to others. It’s not a bad thing for us to learn to be aware of what is coming out of our mouths. We heard of a teacher recently being punished for letting one F word fly, just one. Yikes.

  3. When Navar came home, I apologized first thing for the Bastard remark. I asked him beside the F word which would cost me a dollar did he have any suggestions on a word that I could have used. He said he would be comfortable with Yellow belly sap sucker. Really? Well, I could easily change it out, the whole Bastard thing is sure to get me into trouble with my mother in Law. ;+/ and I’m really not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings especially my sweet Navar. So it’s settled then, unless anyone has any other suggestion that are not on my cussing list that I can use in exchange.


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