ConQuer Closet Clutter.


OK Walk away from Youtube. ;+) I could watch videos all day, that and look at blogs! I will soon shut off the computer sigh, and put on some good music. This feels a lot like how I look at the idea of exercising, usually ending up watching exercise infomercials from my recliner with a good snack. I see a possible mental correlation, or is it lack of motivation? So the Just do it! philosophy and the don’t wait until you want to philosophy, and the jump in to it, oh my pep talks tiring me out. Have a Wonderful week-end I hope that you get to do something Fun. You can see what I’ll be doing, but I’m sure I’ll have to take a Fun break. Happy Memorial Day, I’ll see you back here Monday or Tuesday. ;+) Over and Out.


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  1. I can note the determination. 🙂 You will succeed. 🙂 I think that if you release the pressure, the work gets done. Have fun with it. I hope you will take a few breaks. lol 🙂 I will be thinking of you as I sit and have my movie night. 🙂 Have fun. Hi to Navar.

  2. Thanks for noticing my tone of determination. ;+) It’s a project that may take some time. As what really needs to happen not this week-end but some time is to sort boxes. All the stuff that sits there needing a new home or the trash or…. But that is a bigger project, if I could do that then I could really do pretty much anything. Travel to Europe.

  3. My clothes cupboard is lovely and organized ALWAYS! It’s the only part of my home I have total control over. I have matching hangers and my clothes all face the same direction, are grouped in type and colour!! Can you say anal? lol

    • LOL That actually sounds really nice right about now, such an organized closet! I would imagine once the closet is organized it is easier to keep that way. Also to find things to wear easily.

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