Spring Cleaning


Did you know if you needed to clean your house you could first sit down with a cup of coffee and watch several youtube videos, to learn about de cluttering and looking for inspiration. I did look at several professional videos but for some reason watching a teenager clean her room was far more interesting and encouraging. One thing I noticed in watching several videos was Music is key. Who knew? So now I am in search of some appropriate and fun music. I need to get this dump picked up and sparkly. Do you have any other Spring cleaning hints. Hire help that was one idea that just popped into my head. Any other good ideas?


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  1. Cleaning requires my full attention. I plan on doing it when there is NO ONE IN THE HOUSE!!! That is the hard part. 🙂 I will wait till this summer, and I will have a go at it. 🙂 I could always move. That would force me to clean up! lol 🙂

    • That’s what I need to do Move! Great idea, now I just need to talk Navar into it, he said he would vacuum. There is something to moving it’s an easy way to really clean the nooks and crannies.

      I’m not really blogging;+) I was just looking for more music.;+)

    • Good Idea! I may need some help going through boxes and throwing out some things also giving away some things. I want to separate the treasures from the junk. One box at a time I guess.;+)

    • I also thought the music choice was really great! I thought the idea of the reward of a watching a Chic flick at the end of the project is a really good idea!

    • ;+) Some time just a little accountability like saying” I’m going to do the Spring Cleaning” helped. Throwing my own self under the bus. ;+) Ive actually been getting stuff done little by slow.

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