Memorial day stories from Vetrans History Project.


Library of Congress has a Website about stories from Veterans. I thought this was a cool Website where you can read stories about past Veterans. We are also taking fresh-cut lilac flowers to the cemetery Monday. It’s been raining all week-end which is transitional weather for this time of year. The sun should come out in all it’s glory, Tuesday taunting the people as they go back to work or are coming in from their camping trips. It’s been good weather for me to focus on getting some cleaning done. Little by slow, I’m seeing some progress as things are getting a little more organized. It sure feels food to capture back a table or two.


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    • I bet it starting to get pretty cold there Tony. Needing firewood for the stove for the changing Season. Isn’t that funny that it is raining in Tasmania and Montana at the same time. ;+)

  1. It’s still raining, watering my garden how nice hopefully a few pretty flowers and strawberry’s when the sun comes out. Peaceful day here Doraz ;+) I actually have done a lot of Spring cleaning. I took a little break yesterday, but will start back at it again today.

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