Cat up a tree!


Looks like the neighbors cat is up one of our trees! There was a stellar jay making a racket, I thought the stellar jay wanted some bird seed, nope. Looks like one of our neighbors cats is in one of our very tall trees. Maybe by the bird’s nest? I opened a can of cat food thinking if he could he would come down. What cat can resist the sound of a can of cat food opening? Poor kitty. The cat must be stuck. Now what? In Montana I don’t think you can call the fire department to rescue a cat can you? It’s Monday 5:23pm Any ideas?


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  1. I’m thinking lasso! (Actually I have no idea how to get a cat down from a tree …)

    LOL ;+) Lasso I hadn’t thought of that idea. Hhhmm We could turn out the team Dennis and crew? Makwa seems oblivious I don’t think she can see that far up.

    • We just found the owner of the cat. Poor little kitty. It’s been raining the cat belongs to a teenage girl and she is now going to talk to her father. She says he has a long extension ladder. So hopefully we can get this cat down before night fall. We left the cat alone for a couple of hours hopeing it would come down. Nope, I guess it’s a scarrdy cat.

  2. Oh…I hate to hear such stories. I hope all is well now. 🙂

    9:58 pm The Cat has been rescued! What a relief. The cat is a young blind cat named Gizmo. I’ll fill you in tomorrow am. The story has a happy ending. That was a 2 tums ordeal.

  3. It’s only a evool poosy kat so yoo kan just shoot it down…
    No, stop, wayt, dont, I woz just joking…
    Akchooly I was only joking the sekond tym so yoo reely can shoot it down

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