Cats safe and sound back home.


Poor little kitty spent the day in one of our very tall trees. For half the day he had a stellar Jay screaming at him. Frozen, straddling a limb. I thought a can opener and a can of cat food would do the trick to get him down. That didn’t work, we went away for a couple of hours, I was hoping he would be down by the time we got back, but he had only climbed higher. You have got to be kidding. We finally figured out which neighbor the cat belonged to. We had the whole family at the base of the tree the father with his extended ladder half way up realizing his shoes were not good climbing tree shoes. Navar to the rescue, a little to my dismay. As I came out of the house I could see Navar way way up in the tree. Holding my breath, he was trying to pry the cat off the limb to take him down the tree. I yelled up how about a pillow case? I’ve had experience with cats and taking them to the vet in a pillow case sometimes calms them. He agreed, I grabbed the laundry bag dumped the laundry out and handed the bag up, passing 3 stages of hands. The cat eventually made it into the bag! Slowly back down the tree the teenage girl the father and finally and thankfully Navar. Gizmo, the cat looked up at Navar as only a grateful animal can do and said with his big blue eyes Thank You. The cat covered in pitch head to toe from the tree. I mentioned butter can sometimes get pitch out of hair. I know that little cat will sleep well tonight and probably all involved, what an adventure. Pictures are on two posts down.


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  1. Hi Starla, And the tree is so tall!!
    I am glad for all of you and the cat that it is over!
    Now you can relax.

    Thanks Jan! I woke up feeling exhausted. Resting today is a good day. Funny how stress can tire you out. The trees by our place are SO tall!

  2. The kan opena & can ov katfood dident werk becorz yoo wer supowsed to chuk them at the kat & nok it owt ov the tree ha ha…
    Hurray for the Mista Navar, now yoo dont hav to shoot it down. Drats, dogs orlways miss owt on the fun stuff…

    LOL Thanks I will pass that on to Mista Narar! :+) I agree Dixie Cats are like blonds they do have all the fun, wait Makwa is blond. Dixie maybe if you died your hair blond you could have more fun. :+) Just a thought.

  3. Well done! I would have been quite nervous to be up that high!

    I passed that on to Navar. ;+) It was a very hairy situation Montana trees are not for little partially blind kitties.;+/ One of other neighbors had a Mother Grizzly bear go through their yard. Not very kitty friendly area!

  4. i wonder waht cats think when they keep climbing up a tree? 🙂 glad that little kitty is back on soil!

    I think the kitty probably thought man I’m sure turned around and I’m not sure how to get out of this jam. :+) I’m really grateful the cats home and not looking at me from the tree. Funny the bird, the screaming Jay, was the one who brought it to my attention. I bet the bird would be surprised that it had a part in the cats rescue.

    • no doubt, that kitten was getting a few dive bombs from that jay! they’re pretty protective!

      Things are pretty quiet here now with the cat gone. The Jay around the tree yesterday looking up where did that cat go? Cats are such bird predators, they probably are nesting in our yard.

  5. Navar is great. He just got it done. Way to go. You guys make a great team. I am happy all is well now. Keep a look out. 🙂

    Thanks Doraz we can be a good team. When we work together we can work well together. ;+) Do you think the cat will come back?

  6. My Husband would have said, “He’ll come down when he gets hungry.”

    That was what pretty much what most people said to me” wait he will come down eventually”. At one point when Navar was so far up the tree I was thinking that would have been a good idea. But because he was a young kitty and partially blind and seemingly not real bright I was thinking it was probably a good thing Navar went up after him. Silly Kitty!

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