Americas Got Talent


Have you been watching Americas Got Talent this Season? I just watched the show first time this Season. I thought it was mildly amusing. Lots to sort through. A couple of stand outs, I liked Taylor Mathews who sang and played guitar, I thought he had a unique voice also the young rapper CJ I thought he was pretty good, it’s nice that he writes his own stuff. The partially vision impaired, flaming knife throwing lady, she got three X’s, and they still sent her to Vargas. What did you think? Did you watch the show? The show just happened to be on my one good TV channel, the rain seems to be clouding my signal for the other 2 channels. Also, watched Jillian on losing it. Did you see that show what did you think of it if you did. Oh, how could I forget to mention the guy on Americas Got Talent the man who wore a metal suit and stood between to Tesla coils and played with lightning bolts. That was pretty cool, I could see that again.


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  1. I did watch America’s got Talent. I know I won’t sit through the whole season though. It’s just to corny for me. I do love Howie Mandel and the channel was on so I left it. I also like the singer with the guitar the most. I’m not crazy about this show but it entertained me.

    I also watched Jillian’s new show and I’ll probably continue with that one. I sure wouldn’t want her screaming at me. Maybe that’s why it works though.

    I thought the same thing Joy about Jullian what a screamer. I guess maybe with some people that is effective. I don’t know if that would fly with me. I did think it was good how she was able to help the family communicate better with each other. She is good a finding and working with peoples “issues” there were a couple of good motivations one liners but I can’t member what they are. :+)

  2. Nope. Don’t watch it. Never will.

    But, if you wanna chat about Project Runway or Design Star, OK!

    I’ll have to see if I can get them on the computer I’m up for the challenge.;+) Did you check out Tony’s Video of the Bad piper. It’s really good.

  3. The fire lady should have been sent home, in my opinion. The kid at the end was pretty cool. When I have time, I LOVE to watch this show. I want to be in it myself. lol 🙂

    Doraz, What would you do if you were on this show? Let me know maybe I can come be in the studio audience, that would be Fun.

  4. Haven’t seen the show, but I say a quick dance scene on Chelsea LAtely last night that cracked me up, some silver fox trying to break dance. I’ve been reading more than tv watching, and it has been a nice break.

    Sounds like a fun show a silver fox trying to break dance that would be funny to see.
    Reading is Wonderful I have a stack of books I am currently working on, and a list of books I want to get. I have always been crazy about reading, books are one of my financial weakness even over clothes.;+)

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