Feels like Monday.


Due to NOT procrastinating over the holiday, I actually got a lot of Spring Cleaning done! Go figure. The bad news is, I am slow to post today. More bad news, I’m in one of those moods, you know the kind where your head feels heavy and nothing seems right. Sometimes I get in one of these mood when I have to go some where fancy and I’m trying to decide what to wear, even my best stuff looks funky. What I thought I loved, my favorite shirt looks stupid. Or you finally decide on the outfit and you have to find some shoes to go with it, great I’ll just start over. Or one of the moods like It’s not you it’s me moods. I heard once if one person annoys you it’s probably them, if everyone annoys your it’s probably you. Luckily I’m not in one of Those moods. I did get a lot of Spring cleaning down so truth be known, I’m probably just tired. Does it feel like Monday or is it just Me? What mood are you in?


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  1. I’m in a very good mood. We rented a cabin for the whole summer over the weekend. So, I’m terrific but I do have moods like you’re talking about. I hate them but I go with them and let them pass. Don’t you feel like it happens to all of us from time to time?

    Yes defiantly, just part of life. I’m glad you rented a cabin for the Summer that sounds like so much Fun! This mood too shall pass. ;+)

  2. One must NEVER, EVER clean one’s closet in that sort of mood. Only regret will follow!!

    Tuesday I worked and it felt like Monday all day. We were VERY busy and very nearly didn’t complete our work. Actually mine is never done because it gets shoved aside to wait on patrons.

    I didn’t get to the closest yet, I did do a lot of basic cleaning wiping picture frames floors cobweb stuff like that. The closets soon, I’ll wait for just the right mood to tackle it! :+)

  3. Starla…remember ATTITUDE. I can be wearing ANYTHING, and my ATTITUDE gets the attention, not what I am wearing. It may sound strange…but, it does work. If you are smiling, everyone around you will smile. 🙂

    I agree with that, ATTITUDE has a lot to do with lookin good. ;+) And of course a bright smile.

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