Jack Black Saves Some Boobs new ad for mammograms.


This is a new commercial campaign called MenforwomenNow.com I like that it gives men a chance to see the mammogram experience. I wonder if they will invent something new that doesn’t seem like a giant boob vice.


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  1. I upgraded our internet speed with our ISP from ADSL1 512kb/sec to ADSL2 20,000kb/sec yesterday so now I can watch videos without all the start/stop thing happening every 20seconds. WOW PAGE LOADS ARE SO FAST NOW!!!

    That’s wonderful Tony! Zoom Zoom! It’s so much nicer watching videos when they load up fast and not much buffering. Very cool. I wish we could bump up our internet.

  2. Doh!!! I forgot to say excellent videoe. I’ve never actually seen a mamogram machine in action before, OUCH!!! I’m glad men don’t have to have a willygram

    LOL ;+) That’s OK Internet upgrade is excellent news! Glad I could share that with you it’s a crazy contraption it’s one of the stranger things in life. Like a giant vice. A willygram would definitely be scary.;+)

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