Cherry Blossom Festival


Last year was a bit of a fluke, finding the Cherry Blossom Festival. This year one of the first things I saw as I was entering the Community Hall, was a giant pot of coffee, and a sign that said “Free Coffee all day”. Sitting beside the coffee pot was a small plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I immediately felt welcomed and at home. The music was different this year, instead of the outdoor music of fiddlers of all ages, there were two very nice older gentleman. The Jukebox Journey playing music from the 40’s. Even tho this music is before my time I have a special fondness for this era, with the soothing sweep of the metal brush on the snare drum. I told them that we were their groupies, one of the gentleman asked “does that mean you will help us load the instruments up after we are finished”? Navar said ” No those are roadies”. I had to laugh because I could tell they might have preferred the latter. Groupies we were, as we sat in old-time movie theater seats snapping our fingers and tapping our toes and talking to the other locals. This is such a fun event, with small town hospitality, perfect Blu Sky weather, small craft tables, lots of homemade pies, a simple lunch and an endless cup of coffee. The Grange was built more than 50 years ago when a few East Shore woman decided to start a small sewing club. It is a fund-raiser for the Flathead Lake Yellow Bay ladies Auxiliary. The club is surrounded by beautiful Cherry Tree Orchards stretching down to the lake shore.


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  1. This sounds so fun. I love all those small town festivals. I love the sound of you and Navar finger snapping and foot tapping. How cute. Wish I could have gone with you.

    It really was a stand out day. I think you would have really enjoyed it too Joy. Something so sweet and comforting and the weather the last two years was just perfect. After a long cold Winter there’s something about those first few weeks of warm weather. Almost warming your bones, it’s hard not to be in an extra good mood.

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