Caller #3


Looks like I Won! Caller #3. Listening to the radio, I dialed once, dialed twice, three times the charm a ringing sound on the other end. A feeling of surprise on my end. Why is it ringing? Why is not busy? Silence on the other end I said ” Hello? Is this the contest? Am I caller #3?” Yes, you Won, you are a winner! I’ll be darned. Looks like I’ll be going to a Rodeo this week-end, that’s cool, free tickets. I’ve never been to a rodeo before. Have you ever Won a radio contest or some other type of contest? I remember I won a party sub once. I went to go pick it up at Subway, it was Huge, a mighty giant Sub sandwich, seemed like a funny thing to Win. Hopefully, Monday I will have pictures to show you. I’m looking forward to it should be fun!


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  1. You’ll never believe this but I once, YEARS ago won tickets to a call in show just this and GUESS WHAT???? It was also for rodeo tickets. You’ll have a great time. I can’t wait to see pics. Way to go you

    That’s Funny! What a small world winning tickets too a rodeo also.;+)

  2. Wow, congratulations caller #3. I never win anything, especially not on the radio. I have never called the radio. Maybe that’s why I never win???

    Play! Play!Who knows you could win a giant party sub. I think one thing that helps is if it’s a smaller radio station. You may loose a couple of times if you play, but if you win it will be a surprise.

  3. Congrats Starla! I won free tickets to a bridal show once when I was engaged to my first wife. Not the best thing for a guy to win over the radio but hey, it was free. LOL

    I have never been to a rodeo either. Let us know how it went!!! 🙂

    Gary! Hows Catfish fishing? Nice to see your smiling face. Hope camping is going well. Winning tickets to a bridal show that’s a good thing. Free is always a good thing. :+)

  4. Your “rodeo” posts promise to be interesting. Congrats!

    Thanks! We had so much fun last night. The radio station gave me 4 tickets so we are going again tonight as well. :+)

  5. Congratulations! And no, we never win contests. Mainly because we don’t enter them. 😉

    Thanks! For the most part, I usually don’t enter contest either. Once in a blue moon a caller on a radio contest. :+) Caller #3

  6. WOW… a rodeo. I just love all of the excitement. I hope you have a blast. CONGRATS Starla. 🙂

    Thanks Doraz! I was pretty excited, we had lots of fun. After 2 days of rodeo I’m pretty tired. Monday actually looks good from here. That’s a good week-end when Monday seems restful. :+)

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