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Yesterday, I was enticed away from the Twenty Ten Theme to a new Theme called Grezed. I gave it a whirl yesterday. I actually liked several things about this new Theme. Which confused me. What a new Theme? I think the big thing is that I like the Twenty Ten Theme’s ability to change out headers and to be able to use my own custom headers. I also like changing the border color. I was torn, I realize going over to the WordPress new Theme announcement is like going into a book store, it’s just too much temptation. Hope you have a wonderful week-end. I look forward to catching up on Monday.


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  1. I really like this new theme too. I’m keeping it for a long LONG time. I hate change but I like the way I can put in my own header and change the border colors accordingly. I don’t go to the new themes section hardly ever.

    I like the new Theme over at your place Joy, it looks good. I may have to just put a limited on my curiosity and not pop over to the New Theme announcement area for awhile. I get confused I want to take too many of them out for a spin. ;+)

  2. See, you are an artist. 🙂 I am happy you are having fun with your great blog. I like to see new themes. I am still sticking with the one I have…for now. 🙂 Have fun.

    Thanks Doraz! We go way back, don’t we. ;+) I remember my very first WordPress theme dark green with a pair of bell bottoms in the corner. LOL Funny It’s nice that WordPress offers so many creative choices.

  3. I like that the twenty ten has the option to use a photo for a background like my space one. I have tried a few of the other themes but a lot of them aren’t wide enough for the photos in my posts which I posted when using the wider vigilance. That’s why I changed from Vigilance to 2010 for the custom background
    Glad your back to WordPress. The twenty ten theme does look nice with your blog, and the stars and galaxy borders a very cool. Vigilance seems like a pretty good theme as well, I’m surprised I’ve never tried that one.

  4. I’m rocking “Bueno” right now and digging it.

    I think the Bueno theme is definitely Bueno on your blog! I do occasional want to wipe down the coffee ring, but that’s just me it’s a Spring cleaning thing ;+).

  5. I’ve never changed my theme. I don’t want to lose my carefully placed widgets! But I do buy the “CSS Upgrade” so I can change how it looks …

    Huh CSS Upgrade that’s a good idea maybe if I bought that I wouldn’t be over hanging out in the WordPress theme room. :+)

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