Rodeo Fun


What a great week-end, the rodeo was Super Fun! At the end of the day, laying my head down on my pillow saying quietly to myself “That was SO MUCH FUN!” I always look for and hope for days that end with that sentence. What a surprise just seems like yesterday, I was holding my head complaining about how heavy my head was. Taking pictures was a little bit frustrating. I have two cameras, neither of my cameras have stop action. Usually it’s not a big deal because most of what I take pictures of is pretty stationary, landscapes, flowers, some animals, stay Makwa, anyway you get the picture. I decided to work with what I have and approach the moving action in a different way, go for the blur and approach it as if I were seeing a painting. Which actually is what I’m thinking about a lot of the time when I am taking pictures. Seeing things as if I were painting a picture. We were able to go to the Rodeo Friday night and Saturday night. The first night had a smaller local feel, barrel races, bull riding, bronco riding, and Indian relay races. Saturday night was packed, lots of big belt buckles and cow-boy hats. The events included, bare back riding Bronc riding and team roping.


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  1. I have never been to a rodeo. I grew up in the city and have always lived in cities…until now. You took some amazing photos though!

    Thanks Scott, It was really exciting the energy in the stadium was exhilarating. I forgot to really express what that was like. The energy was a little like a sports event, like an end of the season football game. I’m glad I could share my photos with you. ;+)

  2. I do miss the rodeo. I went a a few when I lived in Central CA. You can not beat the excitement of a rodeo. 🙂 Have a fun week now. 🙂

    It really was exciting, now what? Oh, the work week looks like a Monday feel like a Friday. :+)

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