Rodeo Pictures



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  1. Actually the blur shows action. Really a good thing.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    Thanks S.Le I was happy with the blur look it was a little challenging, trying to figure out how to take pictures of the event.

    Funny, every once in awhile I surprise myself as to what floats my boat. :+)

    • Is a rodeo like a county fair food-wise?
      It was suppose to be at the Fairgrounds but because of rain it was held in an indoor arena. Not much food. About mid way Navar found some coffee and hot fresh cinnamon min donuts. Which I was delighted to scarf down.

  2. I just love cowboys. lol 🙂 I did look at the other stuff also…I promise. lol 🙂 Cool photos Starla. 🙂

    When Navar saw the photo of the two cowboys leaning up on the fence. He said “Hey what’s this?” I said ” It’s cowboy art.” ;+) LOL Thanks Doraz ;+)

  3. Ah, there’s nothing like the back end of a cowboy! Wait, did I say that out loud?????? Very nice. I’m so glad you had a good time. Can you tell me why it is junk food tastes so good at these venues?

    I agree Joy, both on the butts and the junk food. Who knew a rodeo would be so much fun.

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