I was sitting at my computer watching YouTube videos of glass blowers. As I look up there was a giant moose walking a stone throw away from me, right behind our backyard fence. Trailing behind the moose was a small baby moose, what do you call a baby moose? A moosett? Navar just informed me a Moose calf. In the background I hear the glass blower talking about blowing glass as I run for a camera and then to the back room looking out the back window watching them walk on by. How crazy is that Mama moose and baby walking through my yard! Not a sharp picture, but I feel lucky to have looked up at just the right moment. I know mother moose can be dangerous glad to be behind glass taking pictures. It’s been a really good month first seeing a Grizzly bear and cubs and now a Mama moose and her baby, looks like I have my own animal web cam.


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  1. This is the neatest thing Starla. I’m so glad you kept your wits about you and grabbed your camera. I was watching a herd of deer out my window one day and forgot about taking pics. LOL!! This is awesome.

    Thanks Joy! I was glad my first thought was camera and to breath. Sometimes I wish grabbing a camera was not my first thought. At our other house one day I was looking out of the bedroom window and a Linx was sitting on a small hill looking at me through the window. Because I went to go get the camera I missed really getting a good look. :+)

      • That’s funny how many houses do you have? Only one house, we use to live in another house before we moved here. It was a house on a mountain on the other side of town. The lynx actually lived there before we arrived under the steps. That’s what the landlord told us. I only saw it once and that was out of my bedroom window. I did get a fuzzy picture out of the other window. It was incredible exciting. It’s was just sitting there looking at me I could hardly believe it. I guess I’m kind of wild about wild animals, huh. :+)

  2. Wow!!! All we see are birds, snails, slugs, spiders & Dixie in our back yard

    This is actually pretty unusual here as well! We have birds, cat stuck in tree, hummingbirds, squirrel, sometimes dear, and occasionally buck. The neighbor saw a Grizzly bear mother and babies. The Grizzly bear I saw was down the road a ways.

    • A Grizzly Bear in the back yard just doesn’t seem to sit well with me. I will stick with birds, snails, slugs, spiders & Dixie

      It’s made walking around a little more thoughtful looking around hearing twig snaps wondering “What was that!” ;+/
      Living on the edge of the wilderness has it’s pluses and minuses.

  3. I can only dream about being that close to nature each day, thankyou for sharing. BTW, I will be blogging throughout the northern hemisphere summer, call by?

    I’ve already been by and I look forward to reading more. :+) I do really feel lucky living here and seeing the wild life. Thanks for coming by.

  4. So cool and really rather scary! Them’s dangerous, yeah?

    Very dangerous especially with a baby in tow. But after seeing a Grizzly bear not that long ago I wasn’t too worried. Plus I was inside my house behind glass, taking a picture. The best place really although I am going to be more aware walking around here I suppose I should carry bear spray.

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