Don’t worry be happy


Don’t worry be happy click here for video. A little blast from the past, looks like things haven’t really changed that much since this song first came out. Do you remember where you where when this song was popular? Funny how some things change and other things just seem to stay the same. Hope your week-end is worry free and some fun is added to your world. Looks like a lot of blogges are going on vacation. My plans are to be around for the most part Mon through Friday banging away at the key board surfing around the collection of YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure. For those of you that have vacation plans have a wonderful time, take lots and lots of pictures and if things don’t go as planed it will probably make for blogging gold, when you get back. So don’t worry be Happy! I’ll see ya Monday.


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  1. I will have something on my blog DAILY come heck or high water!!

    Oh, sorry.

    OH Good! This delights me. It’s sad when I sing and chat to myself. :+)

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