Webcast Youtube music festival. June 11-13


I really like this idea, YouTube concerts. I just found this as I was bouncing around YouTube videos today. We watched a Live Bono concert from YouTube a few months back, it was actually pretty fun to be a part of such a huge concert. Have you ever watched one of these concerts on-line? I can get in the mood. I’m ready to dance! Yipppeeee! I’m excited. This is a Youtube <a href="“>musician that I stumbled on to a few months back she was discovered because of her YouTube channel. I’ll be on line tonight watching. Hope to see you there!

link for the schedule


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  1. loud and cheerful music in the video…
    awesome commercial for her…

    She is full of energy that for sure. I think whats cool is that she started singing on Youtube and that she is now traveling doing concerts. Youtube makes it possible for the average person to possibly get recognition fame and fortune not being just the famous.

  2. I always seem to be doing something else while I listen to music. I’ve never been able to just sit down and listen to music. Which further proves my ADD.

    I’m a bit of a multi tasker myself. I watched and listened to a couple of the bands. The last one was Dave Mathews band I was taking pictures of the computer while they were playing. A little geeky of me, but that’s OK, I’m going to try and digitally alter the images,in the next couple of days. ;+)

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