Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh MY!


OK, maybe just the bears part, last night at 2 am Makwa our dog (her name meaning bear or little bear) she was already named when we received her. She was sleeping outside, little bear started barking sharp, crisp, barks right by the bed room window. Navar up out of bed, turning on the porch light, shinning spot light, and seeing a black bear sitting in the middle of the road with his front half on one of our trash cans, the look on the bear’s face said, “oops I’m busted”. The trash can was basically empty, except for one thing, a bag of Arbys wrappers and cups. Who could have put that there? Navar hit the car alarm and the bear scurried off. I’m glad that was the only thing in the can as I would have been picking up yucky trash this morning. Now that the bear knows that once in a blue moon an Arbys bag can be found, we will have to take our trash directly to the dump. Such is life in the country. How was your week-end?


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  1. Holy cow. Your life is so full of adventure.

    This year has been particularly busy with wildlife. It took me fourteen years being here in Montana to see a Grizzly Bear, the moose I figure I just got really lucky being in the right place at the right time. I’m not sure why but I guess Ive been pretty lucky in my life seeing wildlife. I remember each animal and the story. I’m not sure why I’m so crazy about wild animals.

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