If you could be a Super Hero or Cartoon Character for a day who would you be, or maybe a movie character? It’s hard to pick just one it’s a bit like chips as I was thinking about it I was thinking Jessica Rabbit might be fun to take for a spin just for a day!


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  1. Hmm, hard to say … I think I would like to be one of the super-heroes I created for my never-got-off-the-ground comic book series. Bludgeon, perhaps, or maybe Cyberhawk.

    It’s never to late to get off the ground,I think it’s all in the timing. :+) Comic book series that sounds like fun, I wonder if Ebooks can be animated?

  2. Homer Simpson. Sit on the sofa, watch TV, drink beer, eat pizza. Super Heroing is too much effort, Homer has the right idea so I’ll be him… Plus I’ve aready got the bald head & big gut

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