Week-end Update.


Monday for Some reason I’m moving in slow motion. More coffee that always seems to help. What did you do this week-end? Did you have some Summer Fun? Don’t tell me all work and no play. I enjoyed the YouTube concert I really think the concept is cool, that you can sit around in your PJs and listen to live music with other concert goers. Pretty fun stuff. We had a bear show up Friday night at 2 am that will be a post in its self. We went camping kind of, day camping on Navar’s Mom’s property huge fun. I definitely want to go camping more! I actually spent time not spinning my wheels on unproductive worry. I was only seriously enticed a couple of times once listening to BP stuff on the radio. I could feel myself tighten up for a good worry jag, but noticing soon took a pass. I will post more stuff once I’m properly caffeinated. Feel free to juggle, tell a story, good joke, ramble (like I just did) post a video in the comment section…….


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  1. It was a really crappy, rainy and cold weekend here and my poor boys had a golf tourney. They were so cold when they got home.

    I’ll trade weather with you Joy rain is in the forecast for tomorrow here, you can have our Sunny Blue Sky weather. Get ready. ;+)

  2. Hey Starla we had a big earthquake nearby yesterday! Check it out on your earthquake.usgs.gov link!

    WOW earthquake! I’ll go over the usgs.gov link now and check it out! I’m back. Hope that was it ;+? and no more. 5.7 hope that’s it I’ll keep a look out over at the usgs. I occasionally go on earthquake watch.

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