Starting my day.


Waking from a dead sleep at about 4:30 hearing a cat scream twice. Thinking of my two cats curled up in chairs in our house. Wondering what could have made the cat outside scream like that? My first thought was wondering the bear? Listening for more clues, listen to the quiet. Wide a awake now, jolted from my deep sleep. Laying still, listening, seeing the red digital numbers in the dark 4:45 the windows open, I hear one bird start to chirp and right after the first bird started to chirp a floodgate of birds, all chirping at the same time. I’m wondering who is the first bird and how is that decision made? Once the one bird chirps it’s as if the other birds where just waiting to unleash, breaking the spell of quiet. How does that all work? What is the order of bird chirping? As I’m having these thoughts Navar says” Do you want me to make the birds stop chirping?” “sure” he gets up and closes the window. Silence. I say to him “You’re a genius that was brilliant.” As I think back to other Springs when I was less than amused at the sound of chirping birds in the wee hours, grabbing a pillow and holding it over my ears, all I needed to do was close the window? Seems funny now such a simple answer. Still wide awake listening, a car starts someone probably starting their day going to work maybe. Tired of watching my thoughts, deciding to get up and start the coffee, still listening to the noises, and realizing it was me starting my day, turning on the computer, typing on the keys, and watching the dawn awake. Still listening. Sitting in front of the window typing a post still listening to the quiet.


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  1. You never did tell us why that cat screamed like that? I assume he was ok..?

    It’s always amazed (and slightly irritated) me how freaking excited birds are to start the day. You’d think they’d eventually get tired of the monotony of bird life but they just never do.

    To be honest I’m not sure what happened to the kitty. I’m hoping it wasn’t the bear. Montana at night can be a tough place. Hopefully the cats OK.

    The birds do have a lot of energy at the start of the day. I’m not sure what I would do with half of that enthusiasm.

  2. You sure did start your day early today. Maybe you’ll be able to catch a nap later. I’m heading off for our cabin for the day. I can’t wait. We’ve had nothing but miserable rain for the last two weeks. YE HAW!!!!! Have a good day Starla. That Navar, he’s one smart cookie.

    I hope you a wonderful and super sunny day! Just the thought of you hanging out at the cabin makes me smile.

    Navar is a smart cookie, I may have known about the closing the window thing but some things slip your mind. It really did seem like a truly brilliant idea this morning. Hopefully I will remember that for the future. :+)

  3. Ha ha I just visited the Fart Board & can’t stop laughing. Thanks a lot..
    Navar is brilliant. Who woulda thought of closing the window???

    OK, It seemed Brilliant this morning. Loud chipping birds, window closed no chipping birds. Just like magic.The Fart Board is Fun. I spent more time then I’d like to admit the first time I played around with it. I have yet tried while I’m out and about. When I’m working on my lap top, that could be fun too. ;+)

  4. Starla…what time did you fall asleep? Were you up late drinking coffee? lol 🙂 Good thing you have Navar around. lol 🙂 You need to remember that a window does do the trick. lol 🙂 Hope you get more sleep. 🙂

    Thanks Doraz! Today I rested rainy day it was pretty easy to succumb to recharging my battery. I’ll be running around tomorrow. Closing the window was an easy fix ;+) tonight it’s definitely to cold to sleep with the window open so no early morning chirping birds for me. Are you still on the road or are you back home?

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