Americas Got Talent Alice Tan Ridley has been singing in the subway for 20 year


I like to see when people go after their dreams and to do and to keep doing what it is that makes their heart sing. I saw Alice Tan Ridley the other night on Americas Got talent. Her daughter is famous and now she has her chance to participate in the show Americas Got talent, again going to Vegas. I think we are living in interesting times for many reasons, but for one when the average person has the chance for recognition from a chance encounter on a TV show or a YouTube video. Dreams can come true at least for a few, it’s nice to see when the average person get an opportunity once in awhile. What’s a Dream you’d like to see come true for yourself? World Peace doesn’t count.


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  1. She has got character. She loves what she does. 🙂 I will do stand up comedy…one day soon. 🙂

    Soon! That is fantastic, I wish I could be there, sounds like a lot of Fun!

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