Awkward Family Photos.


Have you seen this link to Awkward Family Photos? It’s so nice that all these wonderful awkward moments are being filmed and that they are being put on the net. All I can say is, I’m glad that my childhood days were pre-internet. I was watching a dancing baby from Brazil the other day on You Tube and I thought what is this baby going to think when he grows up and his baby antics are on You Tube? Do you have any awkward moments showcased on You Tube?


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    Yes I agree most things do end up on the Telly. :+) Hope your week is well LVISS.

  2. Hello,
    My mom came over yesterday and mentioned the dancing baby from Brazil, so we watched it together. What a cute little fellow. I bet he will grow up to be who he is now, an entertainer. I hope so anyway, since he was having tons of fun, and was actually a better dancer than most adults!

    I don’t think I have ever been in a photo where I didn’t feel awkward, as an adult anyhow. As a child, I would be the “clown” or “ham”, because I always wanted to make people smile. But there are some pics of me as a toddler, hanging out with my cousin, Marky. that aren’t too flattering. My Granny babysat both of us, and we were almost as close as twins. “Two peas in a pod” as she liked to say. Anyhow, in many photos he was happy and I was pitching a hissy fit. Nobody could get me riled like he could. Very funny pictures though!

    I made my sons pose for professional photographs throughout the years, almost always with theme. They HATED doing it, and it usually required bribery of some sort. And my mom and I usually needed a drink after the session was over. We always lucked out by getting a few good shots, despite being told by the photographers on occasion that they couldn’t do anything with the boys because they were too ornery. They are now adults, and tolerate the photos, which I still proudly display. Their female friends just love the shots, while their male friends snicker. Along with the typical outdoor country scenes, I also had one made in Virginia where they have turn of the century outfits on. OMG, so adorable, but boy were they mad at me!
    Parents unite—do it! Take those awkward photos, it’s a right of passage, and sometimes we need something to make us smile or to humble those little “monsters” when they get too big for their britches 🙂

    Hi Joy B It’s so nice to see you Thank You for coming over! I just loved you story about photographing your kids as they grew up and about your cousin “two peas in a pod”. It’s so nice to look back and have some wonderful memories of growing up. Also photo’s of kids that make the kids cringe, so funny. I’m wondering if my parents have some good photos of my brother and I, probably some where. The ones I have of the two of us are pretty boring we were so well behaved at least in front of a camera.
    I really appreciated reading your post at Joy’s the other day on Spine Health. Lot’s of good information and good food for thought. I have a whole new respect and love for my spine. I plan to take good care of it as it effects my whole world. I’m going to need a strong back for all the stuff I’d like to do in this life. :+) Thanks for your comment.

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