Fly Fishing in Montana.


On the way to town we saw someone enjoying the sunny weather in Montana, Fly Fishing. A sunny day sandwiched between lot’s of rainy days. I stopped and asked if I could snap a photo. Snap.


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  1. I would so love to learn to fly fish. We just re-watched A River Runs Through It on Sat night and that was such a good movie. That kind of fishing is an art.

    I need to put A River Runs Through It on our movie list again. It really is a beautiful movie.

  2. Just to let you know, the “coffee’s on” post is locked. Did you do that by accident? I can’t see it.

    LOL OH Shoot Joy I didn’t realized it would show up locked! I had posted it and then changed my mind. Indecisive Tuesday, It was a cute sign I saw over the week-end at the hardware shop.;+) I’ll post it tomorrow or later today. One of “those” days. To post or not to post that is the question I actually posted something else too. Sigh, I bet I’m not the only one that’s ever done that?

  3. Hi,
    We are so very lucky to live in such a beautiful state. Fly fishing is a whole lot harder than it looks! I really like the idea of not having to kill any worms, and then letting the fish go! I personally suck at it, but enjoy trying.

    You took a lovely photograph, the colors are vibrant and the detail is perfect!

    Thank You! I really enjoy seeing life along the way and taking pictures. It’s really nice to have a blog that I get to share my day with others. It’s a lot of fun, I’ve tried fly fishing I’m not very good at it, but it is fun standing there whipping the line around. Catch and release is nice the fish appreciate that as well. ;+)

  4. Beautiful snap and I love your new banner!

    Thanks SLe. This week-end I had the chance to stalk a butterfly and snap!

  5. I loved Montana when I was there in 2003. Sadly it was just a day and night. You are so lucky to be able to be around all that nature. Jealous!!!

    I actually feel pretty darn lucky being here. I think that’s way I take so many pictures.

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