Coffee is on!


I took this photo last week-end at our small hardware store. It’s a friendly place and it’s true the coffee is always on, and sometimes there are donuts and always popcorn. The last two week-end they have had costumer appreciation day BBQ sodas and fun. There’s always clerks on hand to show you were some hardware pare is and advice if asked on a project. Like the good ol days. Have you seen a change in businesses in your area, businesses trying to drum up business in your area? Doing unusual things to get business. Another popular things these days is on the corner of main street usually seeing a person holding up a sign for a business about a Sale.


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  1. Brilliant! Is the coffee good?

    Pretty good, not gourmet, but usually when your on the go doing errand it’s a welcomed sight a cup of Joe.

  2. McDonald’s lowered the price of ice cream cones. It gets us in. lol 🙂 I love the photo. I would love to try out their coffee with you and Navar. 🙂

    That would be fun Doraz! We could give you the tour, funny starting at the hardware store! :+)

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