Full Moon or Almost Full Moon Challenge.


Today as we were driving home, I had an idea as I was looking up at the moon. Watching it get brighter as the sun set, thinking, you know it would be really fun to see pictures of the Full Moon in different places shinning over different areas. My Full moon Challenge is to just take a snap shot of the moon in your area from anytime now until the official full moon which is on Saturday the 26th. In your area over the city, country, or town just take a snap shot and if your could come on by and post it on this comment area. I’m hoping maybe on the full moon to take a look at the Seattle Needle cam I’m pretty sure you can see the full moon from there as long as the weathers clear. The clear part is the challenge for Seattle. The last couple of months I’ve popped over there and it has been cloudy oh sweet Seattle. Maybe this month will be clear? No promises on that one.


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  1. Our camera is way too primitive to do moon shots… or is it the effect of gin?

    Thanks for the blogroll BTW, kind of thee. I will be redoing mine at the end of code ochre…

    Glad to include you on the roll. I’ll be over today or tomorrow to catch up on your story! Looking forward to it, tonight is my last class, I was just getting on a roll. I may have to take another class or just continue to write and write and write. ;+)

  2. I will be watching the Moon over Missoula and see if I can capture anything nice!

    Missoula!!! Joy! Are you in Montana now? :+) Just looking for a snap shot, I may take a couple of more pic’s in the next few days one in town and one maybe coming home from town.

  3. Seattle is where I want to be one day. My whole family loves that area. You have a great idea here Starla. I will do my best to chip in. 🙂

    Thanks Doraz! Hope it is a fun idea. :+) It’s not meant to be stressful at all just meant to be fun and to get outside and check out the moon and stuff. :+)
    I’ve never been to Seattle, Navar is always talking about how cool it is and how he’d like to take me out to dinner at a place on the water called Skippers.

  4. Hi Starla,

    Yes, I live right outside of Missoula! I told my Robert about your moon challenge, and since I am trying to hone my skills and expand my knowledge of photography, he suggested we take the 4-wheelers and cameras and go up on the mountains behind our house over the next few nights. Hopefully, we can get some good shots. I have a nice little digital camera, and a Nikon F90 with a 500 telephoto lens. It is such a neat camera, even if it is old. But I am still learning, thats for sure! Still, I’m excited to see what comes out, and will definitely share them with you. Thanks for a fun topic and motivating idea.

    • YIPPEE!!! That sounds great Joy Joy, look forward to seeing your moon shots! Sounds like fun too, gazing at the moon. Some times, time seem to moves so fast I hardly notice what faze the moon is in.
      How nice your living in Missoula we are practically neighbors, glad your taking pictures and enjoying that also sounds like you have a very nice camera. I think one thing taking pictures has taught me is to slow down a little bit and take some time to really notice how amazing things look and to see some of the details. :+)

  5. I’m going to try and get a pic of the moon. Mine never seem to turn out but I’ll try. There are so dang many tree’s on my land that I almost have to shoot straight up in the air. I’ll try though.

    Wonderful Joy I think part of it is just getting out with your camera I know the moon is not the best object to photograph. :+) My pic’s as you can see are itty bitty moon pic’s. It’s still fun I’ve notice the last couple of night the later it get say dusk and late dusk the moon gets brighter and brighter. Kind of easier to see in the picture. Look forward to seeing your moon there wait your moon is my moon too. That always amazes me.

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