(U2) With or Without You – Sungha Jung


I listened to several video with Sungha Jung playing guitar today. I thought, looks like up and coming talent. The video is a little long at 4 + minutes but I think he got talent.
I was thinking yesterday about Kid’s Summer Camp and was wondering if you went to Summer Camp as a kid and what are some of your memories from camp? I went to Summer Camp in Big Sur California, I can’t believe I can’t even remember the name. My brother and I stayed for a whole week, in Kid’s time that’s about 2 weeks. I remember the Tall Redwood trees and the flora and fauna. I also remember the craft pic nic table. I’ve always enjoyed cut and paste projects, still do. Sleeping out-door’s, on rocks. Did you go to Camp? What are some of your memories about Summer Camp? Did you go to Camp? Was camp it a good experience or was it traumatic?


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  1. how cute?
    thank you for the visit…
    I am much better now!

    Hi Jingle glad your feeling better. :+) Cute and talented I would imagine a busy future in music.

  2. Thankfully the summercamp concept had not reached Britain when I was young, it is catching on here now though. Poor kids are shoved from one group of temporary carers to another… parenting?

    Camp can be a shuffling sort of thing, for kids that’s not a good thing. My experience at camp the one week was pretty fun.

  3. You must have had some pretty awesome times. WOW. I never went to camps. I had to stay on the farm and help out. When I joined the band, I got to do some traveling with the school. That was soooo fun. We went to all kinds of parades. 🙂

    It was pretty fun, I can’t really remember what kind of stuff we did. I remember a couple of craft projects, seems like we ate a lot. I also remember an out door stage I thought that was pretty cool. We have family that has just bought a farm a few years ago they send pictures of the kids and the farm it looks like one of those Adventure’s that they will always remember. I love looking at the farm pictures.

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