Buzzzz in my ear.


Morning. First cup of coffee here, looking forward to the surge of caffeine waking my bones up. Last night I had a battle with One count em One mosquito. What do you do when you hear that fateful buzz in your ear when your trying to sleep? I first started with a firm swat to my own head, which I’d say I rarely do this in the day time, unless it’s followed with the words Why? Why? My second plan of attack was to hide under the covers which is a bit cowardly, I know. Not for long as I shot out of the covers pretty quick when I hear not one but two small farts coming from the other side of the bed. I lay there trying to guess what type of farts they were according to the fart sound board and was counting my blessing they did not smell. Shortly after that, I hear” Mosquito their biting me”. I’m thinking bait change this could be in my favor. I asked Navar” how about if I turn on the light, maybe I could get one?” Sure. I’m slowly stocking the back wall of the bedroom. I have found they often rest between blood fill ups. Combing the walls for these little blood suckers, finding one and swatting. Not sure if I have solved the problem. I finally, some how fall asleep. What is your routine when hunting mosquitoes? Night vision goggles, that might work? I think turning the light on and hunting the wall is pretty good sometimes. Spraying and going back to bed, sigh. There’s been so much rain it’s been a particularly bad year so far for mosquitoes.


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    • Thank You! I found the mis quotes! :+) fresh out of spelling school. Looks like I need to return to brush up my spelling. Thanks Dave.

      I also appreciate learning a new word Feckers! I’ve been using it all morning. :+) Thankfully you came by this Am. I should know better than to write with only a 1/2 a cup of Java in my system.

  1. I hate that. I hear them, then when the buzzing stops & they land to bite swatting myself all over just wakes me up more. So small but such annoying little beggars

    • It’s such a bad year their just everywhere, but in our house! It’s just not right, it is kind of funny one of the only time that you actually hit yourself on purpose. :+)

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