Flathead Lake Lodge.


This is basically a commercial but I thought it was a good one. Lets have next years Blogging party here! Fun at the Lake and nice big fireplace. Cute cabins. What do you think of horse back riding? It’s a bit hard on the Ol butt, but looks like fun. The reality is camping is probably more in my budget these days. I thought the video looked like fun the Montana Dude ranch. Some of the wild flower I recently posted came from this area.


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  1. Starla,
    The blog site photo is amazing (I think it’s called the ‘Header’— like I said this world is new to me) Again, my favorite color Periwinkle, which always perks me up! If you all meet in Flathead someday, I would be honored to be included!

    I just left a really long note about the moon photos. Keep up the good work, I really do love your style!


    Hey Joy Joy, Thanks I really have fun blogging and I’m glad that you found the blogging world. It really can be a lot of fun. It’s a learning as you go kind of thing. I’m much better on the computer than I use to be navigating around and basic task because of blogging. Your right the moon picture is the Header. I use to call it the banner, but I learned WordPress calls it the header sounds like a muffler or some kind of car part. :+)

    • I just realized I didn’t talk about the blogging party. Well, it’s probably just a pipe dream. I think it would be really fun to get together not necessarily in Montana anywhere and have a Fun Party. The blogging party’s Ive had in the past are basically long posts with music and rambling about a party. The after party clean up is easy because it just Navar and I dancing around the kitchen in PJ and socks and eating snacks. Funny. Looks strange in print but it has been a lot of fun and maybe some day we can rally have aBloggers WordPress party in person. :+)

  2. What a great place to take a vacation. I’d love to go somewhere like this.

    I’ve never stayed there, but I thought the video did look inviting. :+) Big Saint Bernard’s too I wonder if they really are there on the property I may have to stop by and check that out. Nice stress relief pat the dog and sit by the fire, sounds good to me.

  3. Truly great blog! Am new to this but I shall persevere… Just wanted to say keep up the good work. Will be checking in often. Happy trails!

    Thanks Karen! I’m glad you stopped by come on by anytime :+) Happy trails to you! Until we meet again. Doesn’t take much for me to break out in song.

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