Maggots in overhead luggage bin fall on passengers in plane.


Did you see this story on the nightly news Maggots fall from overhead luggage bin on passengers in plane. Just one more reason for me not to fly. Can flying get any worse? Now you have maggots falling from the sky or from the overhead luggage bin. There is a short video on the link page they called it a minor emergency, I’d say maggots falling from the overhead is a major emergency.


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  1. Gross. 🙂 I hate to fly. 🙂

    I don’t fly or I haven’t for years this would push it over the edge for me. I may fly some day if I had a really really good reason.

  2. Which beggars the question, why haul manky meat in your suitcase? Was the odour covering up some interesting recreational substances?

    Good question inspector! :+) Writing fiction does get your mind stretching in all kinds of sharp directions. Good thinking.

  3. I’m not even going to look. Shiver me timbers. ISH!

    I wouldn’t recommend looking although I did and I can agree” Shiver me timbers LOL ISH” :+)

  4. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! I can’t stand the sight of maggots. Just thinking about it is making me feel like throwing up. Gag gag gag….

    Sorry about the throwing up part that about what they do to me too. So gross maggots are. I was just reading about you saying you still wanted to take a break. That actually sounds good the taking a break part, for myself. ;+) I don’t know maybe I’m just extra tired today, not sure.

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