Too tired to post.


I wrote a long post about my thought about the country, but like some posts it gets put into the can for more thought and ruminating. I actually had a really busy day yesterday, we had three options of fun and decided to space it out and hit all three. I am exhausted. I also have company arriving today, so I will be running around doing the clean the house funky chicken dance. What I’d really like to do is go back to bed and watch movies and listen to the rain. I will come over to your blog for a visit soon, I may have to wait till tomorrow as I could be in a small panic soon. I have pictures to show you of my day yesterday and would like to hear and see what you were up to over the week-end. Hope you had some fun. What did you end up doing did you go out and about or did you hang out at home? Just wondering.


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  1. Sunday I grilled steaks for lunch and made homemade pizza for dinner. In between I watched “Design Star.” In the evening we listened to fireworks in the distance whilst watching “The Avengers” (circa 1960s) We live on the wild side.

  2. I was having so much fun at my mountain community. We all talked and talked. We all drank a lot of coffee. We all ate and ate. We all had a lot of fun. I know that you guys will be having some fun and wild times also. 🙂

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