Play me I’m yours piano project.


Play me I’m yours piano project this looks like a lot of fun and a really great idea.

In New York City 60 pianos where installed in city public parks, city streets, and plazas. Anybody walking by the pianos can stop and sit down and play a tune. There are examples of people playing the pianos at the link above. Have a great week-end and I’ll see ya Monday! Flat Tony did arrive safely from Tasmania and will be touring Montana with us, we will show you our Adventures next week.


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  1. They have this at the Mayo Clinic and there’s a video on You Tube showing an old couple playing a cute duet on it. I think this is the best idea ever. Who can resist a good foot tapping?

  2. Flat Tony can be a lot of fun and he can TRY to get you all into some weird situations. lol 🙂 Be careful with him and have fun. lol 🙂 Cool nights with singing and dancing will tire him out. lol 🙂

    Your right Doraz the cool nights have been good for Tony as he has been pretty busy in the back country exploring the wilderness in Montana. :+)

  3. i’m familiar with the play me again project. we even have a piano set up near my area. i’ve heard they have had problems with vandalism in other places but i havent heard of that in tampa. i think it’s a neat idea!

  4. btw, it looks like we have the same blog theme. just so you know, it wasn’t intentional so don’t be hatin’ now.. ♥

    • ;+) Never hatin, life’s too short. Great minds think a like! I actually really like this thyme. I’m always theme shopping, I have a little bit of a thyme addiction. Glad to see you, missed you. Glad your back!

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