Flat Tony In Montana


Flat Tony is packed and ready for his Montana adventure.

Good Night Tony!

Flat Tony and camera-shy Michelle came for a visit to Montana for their Vacation. Ive sure been having a lot of fun showing them around. I will be running photos of their visit for the next few days as I went a little camera happy, they probably thought I was the paparazzi. It’s been awhile since I had visiting buddies, such a wonderful distraction from the day-to-day grind. We went boating and camping stuff you would do on a Summer Vacation. By the end of the visit I had made Tony cowboy boots and a hat and a couple of shirts, I had fun too. You will be seeing those throughout the next few days. You can find more fun Flat Tony Adventures at Tony’s Blog, called Ynot60.


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  1. hmm.. i’m confused starla. did flat tony’s alter ego visit or did the actual flat tony visit? either way, they both look like a lot of fun! 🙂 he’s so trim!

    That’s a good question Lynn is he real or is he memorex? I think Flat Tony is on vacation. Hmmmm???

  2. How cute. Maybe we should do the traveling buddies again. It’s kinda fun to see how each other live and put a place to a name.

    This brought back a lot of fun memories Joy. It is nice to have the company and to think of how to entertain the quests. It wood be fun to another buddy project. I like to see where people live it makes me feel like I’m traveling. ;+)

  3. Flat Tony beat me to your house. Rats/ 😦 Tell him to not destroy the place. lol 🙂 I will be curious to see those photos you will have coming up. 🙂 Have fun with him…he is sneaky. lol 🙂

    He picked a good time to visit the weather has been really really nice. Not to hot and cool nights, just the way I like it. Lots of fun planned. :+)

  4. Just have to consider possibly needing BEAR DETERRENT makes me nervous. How close do you need to get for it to be effective??? 100 yards would be good!!! Is that giant snail about to attack??? Maybe FT needs gigantic snail deterrent too. Thanks for showing him around. Looking forward to more

    My pleasure we’ve been enjoying showing him around the area. I just went to our mail box I decided maybe a good idea to carry the bear deterrent with me just in case. Walking I hear a snap in the forest and nervously look around. I think the big thing about bears is not to surprise them. They don’t like it, that snail does look kinda big could need slime repellent.:+)

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  6. ooohhh I see Swirly the Snail in the picture! that was sooo much fun. Maybe we should do it again!

    That’s where Swirly sleeps JJ in the kitchen Swirly likes to be close to the action and the kitchen is the hub. I think we should do this again the Flat idea is nice because you just make a copy so you don’t have to worry about postage. After making clothes I really want to make some dresses and hats! So I need some females flat visitors. With this hot weather now would probably be a good time for people to tour around as people are getting out and about having Summer fun. Tony would have had a fit if I would have even gotten a dress near him! :+) I know a few people have mentioned wanting to tour around, I know Navar kept saying lets make a Flat Navar!… Hmmmm….

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