Warning: Could be some ranting.


Three AM wake up call, actually I wasn’t really asleep because I was swatting for mosquitoes, I finally gave up the swat game and found a little flashlight and started to hunt the wall like I said before I know that’s where they like to hide. Turning on and off the flashlight, I finally found the little guy. Looking at the clock thinking, finally I can go to sleep. Nope, remember the bear spray I got out yesterday? A very loud CRASH, we both jumped out of bed.Navar grabbing the really big flashlight. He went out the front door to look, I knew it probably was a…. yup you guessed it, Bear. A black bear got into our trash. I sat in front of the window, calling it my bear blind. I could see a big black bear just strolling down the dimly lit dusty road, looking more like an over sized black dog. Navar said about 250 lbs. I’m Glad Flat Tony was inside. I know we did not leave any Arby’s wrappers in the trash can. Could there have possibly been any McDonald’s breakfast sandwich wrappers put into the can? I guess we’ll never know, well I guess I might know as I’m going out after I write this post, to clean up, at least I have my priorities straight post and then clean up. Heck of a way to start the day. Side note:Just got back from walking the neighborhood 4 neighbors had a visit from the bear. Well, I’m not going to let it ruin my day. Funny, one of my best and most memorable days was a few months back seeing the Grizzly bear and yearling cubs, but they didn’t get into my trash either.


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  1. We’re beginning to have a problem with raccoons. I have bungee cords from one handle to the other locking my bird food cans but the dang things are starting to climb the tree’s and knock down my bird feeders. We did get a live trap and the gun is out. Tonight Paul has to set the sight on them and make sure they all work. Last night he had a perfect shot but the darn gun wouldn’t fire. I told him we need to see to it that they all work. What’s the point of having them otherwise. You’d need a big gun for a bear though. Good luck. What a mess.

  2. yikes!! a bear?!! well then i’ll quit complaining about that pelican that keeps crappin’ on my patio. at least i know he wont break into my house!

  3. yikes. had a bear in our campsite once…my littlest is deathly afraid one is going to get him in the middle of the night….sorry you gotta clean up…

  4. I’m sort of happy we don’t have bears on our island. On the other hand itwould be exciting to see one. I did see one at a distance in Maine many years ago. I do watch a bear cam in Florida. They actually feed the bears to attract thme.

  5. I seem to recall that you always have these bear sightings going on in your neck of the woods. I bet Flat Tony had his eyes going every which way. lol 🙂 Be on alert Flat Tony. 🙂

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