Flat Tony’s Montana Adventure.


I took all the above pictures except for the last one, I took by a magazine. Can you imagine Tony around a real campfire, if he got too close poof that would be hard to explain. This way he could get as close as he wanted to get for the right toastyness on the marshmallows.


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  1. You sure did show him a fun time. 🙂 I think we should all come to your place and have some fun in the sum. 🙂 Tell Navar to get us a group rate. lol

    I did try to have a blogging party I did think it would be fun if we all could get together Unfortunately we have had a lot of bear right in the area I was wanting to camp. You would have to buy some bear deterrent! :+) Could be Fun!

  2. What a great time Flat Tony had. You are a wonderful hostess.

    Thanks Joy we really did have a great time. If you come and visit I’ll make you some dresses from the Peterson clothing catalog. :+)

  3. He sure is having a wow of a time with you guys in Montana. I shoulda left him here at home & came over myself. I was a bit concerned about him near the campfire till I read it was only a magazine picture. Did he get seasick on the boat??? Or eaten by a big Vizsla Fish???

    Flat Tony did get a little seasick but was up and smiling in no time asking” Whats next whats next”. Actually I thought about you and Michelle that maybe one day you will be able to take a tour of the states. I would imagine you have lots of friends in the USA. No sparks from the fire I always try to keep safety in mind even for my traveling buddies. Navar kept saying” hey lets do a traveling Navar” he really had fun with FT too as you could see he was riding around in his pocket.

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  5. This is the second round of FT in Montana. I think you might have a bigger crush on him than Shirley does. BTW Shirley said you had better watch it.

    Not to worry Shirley you can still hold the biggest fan award. :+) Part of my fun with Tony is the cut and paste of it all and the idea of having a buddy visit. We have had buddies visit from the past but I guess it’s been too long I did go a little nuts with the Tasmanian tourist. :+) (The more stressful my life is the more creative I am.)

  6. Canoeing! Fishing! Antique cars! Looks like you and Flat Tony had a great time.

    Thanks for coming by for a visit lavenderbay. :+) We really have been having fun lately it’s been a bit of a whirl wind.

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