Tasmanian Tourist in Montana



The Rental car breaks down and Flat Tony hitches a ride to Glacier Park with some local hunters.

FT forgot his bear deterrent, but finds out that he is somewhat of a Bear Whisperer.

FT makes it to Glacier National Park

After fun at Glacier National Park, the Tasmanian Tourist heads back to the Flathead Valley.

The sun sets on a fun filled day.


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  1. These are all really cute Starla. If I could put myself in an envelope and mail myself to you, I would. You show all your little buddies such a good time.

    Sounds good to me Joy I’ll make you some fancy dresses with tabs how about a fancy matching hat! You have my address :+)

  2. i love the way he changes clothes…

    Thanks that was really fun I haven’t made paper clothes with tabs in a about a million years.

  3. I think you are spoiling Flat Tony. He does look cool in his great outfits you made him. I hope he is having fun with all of the new sites. 🙂 I want to come. lol 🙂

    Come on by for a visit Doraz I’ll make you some fancy outfits too! It was too long between buddies. I think I have buddy withdrawals.

  4. That Flat Tony really gets around, doesn’t he. I loved that “Bear Whisperer” bit…. Lucky thing Flat Tony doesn’t smell like bacon.

    Thanks Donald we were impressed with his Bear Whispering abilities it was a fun visit.

  5. Looks like Flat Tony is having a fab time there! Gosh, I didn’t know they made souvenir shirts and cowboy boots that small!

    It’s in a special section in the store I had to look for the ones with tabs so they would stay on!

  6. We may have passed by you and that cutie pie Flat Tony last week during our own vacation. After 20 years in Montana, it was my first time visiting magnificent Glacier National Park and driving on ‘Going to the Sun Road’. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, right? We even witnessed a brilliant double rainbow; but our reaction can’t compare to that silly guy on the newest u-tube video. If you haven’t seen it, check it out for a really good laugh!

    I’m glad you had a chance to visit the park it really is magnificent and a bit of surprise in a way as it packs a pretty big Wow factor. I still am am amazed when I get to visit the park. I wish you had a blog do you have your own blog? I would like to see you 4th of July pictures and Glacier park pictures for that matter and your double rainbow pic. :+) Glad you had a good vacation. I just went to find the double rainbow story your right that is a great reaction! Nice to see a double rainbow story go viral. Funny this is usually how it goes for me Youtube watching looking for one video and I find a couple of others I liked this one too the double rainbow song.;+)

    • Good morning Starla,

      I don’t have a blog, although I’ve thought about starting one. I must admit that it looks like a lot of work, and I really don’t have a lot of time. But I really would like to share my own photos and stories. And making new friends is always fun! Who knows, maybe when things calm down a bit…that will happen some day right? 🙂 In the meantime, I really enjoy visiting the few that have captured by attention; yours being one of them. Keep up the good work, it’s inspiring!


      Thanks Joy Joy I appreciate the compliment. I’m always glad when you come by for a visit. Your right blogs can be a little bit time consuming. :+) It is a very busy world we live in, maybe some time you can post some photos and writing of yours on a guest post here. Let me know sometime if you would like to do that I would like to see your Adventures too sounds like you guys have fun down the road .Hope your enjoying this nice Summer weather. Before you know we will be singing the song of Fall. That won’t be bad Fall is one of my favorite Seasons.

      • Hi Starla,

        Thank you for the offer of being a guest writer on your blog some day. That would be really fun! Things have to calm down a bit around here, and you will have to walk me through the process, but I’ll let you know when I’m ready to take the plunge!


        • Sounds good, you just let me know when. I sure understand the busy part we have been on a whirl wind tour of life lately. It’s really hard to imagine that we have been so busy. I’ll be glad when things slow down a little bit. I guess being busy is a good thing. :+)

  7. I just realized Flat Tony has a more exciting life than I do.

    Flat Tony travels way more than I do I rarely get out of the state. It would be fun to travel around see the sights!

  8. omg that is the funniest thing ever! How cute!

    Thanks JJ We had so much fun, as you can see I have been having lots of fun with Flat Tony. It’s been too long between buddy visits. :+)

  9. I love Flat Tony’s little tourist shirt! It goes with his polka-dot boxers that you can only see when he turns around!

    That’s funny Dennis I thought about making him a red swim suit so he could go swimming with all this hot weather.

  10. I just realized Flat Tony has a more exciting life than I do.
    I love those boots & hat. The Flat Tony Hearts Montana shirt is awesomely awesome & fantastically fantastic. Great scenery photos too. Oh I also love the deer on the bonnet, nice touch.

    It was fun to have a visit from Flat Tony. I’m glad he had a good Adventure in Montana. As much as Flat Tony gets around traveling the globe wouldn’t it be fun to do that much traveling in real life? It was Navars idea for the deer on the bonnet, occasionally he gets inspired with ideas when buddies visit. Glad you liked it. :+)

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  12. Seems Flat Tony’s holiday in Montana was not only great, it was bearable!

    It was most bearable funny as we were doing the bear bit we actually had a visit from a black bear into our trash, cleaning up was bearly bearable. :+)

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