Another Starla’s Vintage Recipes.


Occasionally I check out the addresses on the left hand side of the dashboard on my blog. The other morning this caught my eye, Starla’s recipes digg. I clicked it and thought maybe it was from my own pot luck recipe file, nope another Starla, there are a few I know. I thought this Starla’s a Starla after my own heart with recipes of pies and surgery snacks. The crisps and cobbler recipes look particularly good. Cute old family pictures and short stories, thought you might like to see Starla’s vintage recipes. This is not me, but a cute blond in a short purple skirt with her Mom. What is your favorite comfort food this Summer? I’ve been enjoying fruit Popsicles coconut and tangerine. Also, last night I learned that you can cook somores on the kitchen stoves. They were just as good as if you were camping. This may not be a good idea so not exactly a recommendation. After visiting a few campsites lately we had plenty of ingredients just laying around.


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  1. I love your story. Yum to that. 🙂 I have been going to Yogurtland a lot. I love the chocolate coconut yogurt. I am addicted. They all know me and see me coming…with a smile. 🙂

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