Slow motion blogging.


I’m struggling with a head cold this morning, my whole body aches. I was sick yesterday too. I’m surprised at how miserable I feel, maybe that’s why I did the comfort food post yesterday. Now I really do want comfort food, but I’m too tired to make it. Can I have a big Aawwww? I may be slow on commenting the next few days, hopefully this will be a short lived crud. Have you read any good books lately? Today would be a good day for me to rest and read. I’ve been reading a book on organizing I’m almost finished, beats actually organizing. I was thinking more like a fiction book, yummy savor the words and chew on them kind of book. I love reading just the thought of that, reading a good book thrills me from the top of my head down to my toes. Do you enjoy reading? What would you recommend as a good read, besides your blog. I do enjoy reading your blogs, by the way.


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  1. Awww… poor you! You need some chicken soup, love!

    I read all the time. My fave writer is Michael Connelly! The Harry Bosch novels are fantastic! (crime/detective fiction)

    • Your comment really made me feel better. Thank you for the sympathy funny how when your feeling puny that can go a long ways. Thanks for that. :+) I have made a list of recommended reading thank you for the ideas. Hoping my used book store can hook me up if not ebay here I come. :+)

  2. Hi Starla,
    I needed about a week to recuperate from our vacation with my childhood girlfriends. I was a bit worried that I would get sick, because I was so run down. I have an autoimmune disease that regular rears it’s ugly head, especially when I’m tired. I bet all of your fun and entertaining recently might have something to do with your illness as well. I do believe our bodies tell us when to slow down.

    I love to read, and do so whenever possible. I haven’t read as many books since becoming addicted to the Internet and a few favorite blogs. The material I read depends on my mood. My favorite type of book is historical fiction, but I also love memoirs and autobiographies. Many days I just catch up on local and world news.

    I sure hope you feel better soon!


    P.S. My family from Kentucky think it’s funny that I received a new “Southern” style nickname from someone in Montana!

    • Hey Joy Joy, I don’t know why but I do like Southern style nicknames. I really haven’t traveled much to the south. Reading the news and blogs and internet stuff in general keeps me busy as well. I like the idea of reading historical fiction I haven’t read much of that or autobiography for that matter both are interesting to me now. Funny how tastes change. Glad you had fun with your girlfriends, life is good. Glad like you said did not get sick. I am finally feeling better, thankfully. :+)

  3. I do not like it when you are not feeling your usual self. Navar will get you back in shape soon. You can do whatever you feel like. I do read when I can. I try to rest, as much as possible. I need it, for sure. 🙂 We will be here for ya.

  4. The Stieg Larsson trilogy is totally asskickingly good. And if you’re in the mood for an epic Under the Dome was the best King I’ve read in 10 years.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    • Thanks Scott. I appreciate the reading recommendations. I am up for reading a good epic novel. I’m taking my list to the used book store Hopefully I will get lucky.;+)

  5. I recently read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I couldn’t put it down. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to read it, but the worst of it is done in chapter 1.
    Have you ever read Jane Austen? My best friend thinks she’s boring as heck, but she’s my favorite author. I only have one more book of hers to read.
    I still like reading children’s and teen books too, basically a bit of anything I will read, except sci-fi.
    I still read those crappy V.C. Andrews novels though kind of ashamed to say so.
    Stephen King is awesome (allegedly I write like him, says one of those silly automated thingys, but we both do have a weird way about our writing I think maybe). My favorite is The Green Mile. I also really liked Dolores Claiborne and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. The mother in Cujo kept p*****g me off b/c she was nasty, but a good book nonetheless. His book On Writing is really good and has autobiographical tidbits along with great writing advice too.
    Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thank You Lisa I am feeling much better. I sure appreciate all your suggested reading ideas. I’m looking forward to taking my list to the use book store and seeing what I can find. Winter her is good for cuddling up with a good book. Thanks again.;+)

  6. Thank You everyone for the well wishes. I made some chicken soup and am resting. I am starting to feel better. Looking forward to checking some of the titles of recommend for reading. Life is good. I should be back up and running Monday. Have a great weekend and stay healthy. :+)

  7. What kind of books do you enjoy reading Starla? I read so many books that I can’t begin to answer this question. I sure do hope you’re feeling better.

    • I’m wanting to read more fiction. For the most part my reading has been non fiction and self help. Yeah self help so…… :+) anyway. I do read an occasional novel which I am wanting to read more of as well as fiction yummy type books. I am feeling better a little congested still but much better, thanks.

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