Last Night, The Wild Wind…


Last night, you won’t believe what happened. Navar and I were relaxing in the living room listening to the rain and a short lighting storm moving through the area. Wind alert scrolling the bottom of the TV screen. Then there was a sudden loud, very loud, crash on top of the roof. Navar saying duck! I thought lighting may have hit the house. The cat launching off my arm, looking down at my bleeding arm, thinking this is the least of my worries. I slowly walk into our bedroom, the first thing I notice is an intense smell of pine, I immediately know that can’t be good. Looking down, I see small pieces of white stucco on the floor. Looking behind the bedroom door I see a large branch impaled through the roof, about three feet stripped of bark. Navar and I run around the house looking for shoes and rain coats to see what the damage is on the roof. Standing in the rain in the dim light, looking up at the roof seeing the top of a tree, about 12 feet of the tree top stuck in the roof. Happy to see it wasn’t a giant tree lying across. The project will be pulling the tree out of the roof figuring out the power situation and patching. I am resting well other than trees impaling the roof.


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  1. Hello Starla,

    I looked at the photo and just got massive chill-bumps all over—Yikes! That’s very scary, little tree or not. ‘When it rains, it pours!’ ( I can’t help myself)…


    Hey Joy Joy your right when it rains it does pour! “+)

  2. The only thing wot scares me about living under (a load) of trees!

    Glad you weren’t hurt. Hope insurance covers the work!

    I hope the insurance will cover it now we are going into the proses of fixing. No lights in the bedroom or my bath ;+/ hope we get it fixed soon!

  3. Good thing no one was hurt. Yikes. I also hope the insurance will help cover this mess. You all need to be really careful;, huh? I can not wait until you have sunny days ahead. 🙂

    Suns out today! ;+) I’m thankful no one was hurt.

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